April 28th, 2008

Is sleep needed now??

Yes it is a silly question for me to ask......but given the situation sleeping seems a bit pointless....and here is why:

i have only been home 20mins, i left work ( in warrrington )@ 7:30pm this evening and i am due back in work at 7am 2moro. Why i hear u ask..... well it is the world release of the new GTA game 2moro.........

Right i am going to be good/ behave myself and not start on the rant about this game/ situation surrounding it. Coz it is not worthy of the space, print or my breath.......

wat i will say is that " CAN PPL PLEASE NOT TRY TO PRE-ORDER A GAME THE DAY B4 IT IS DUE TO BE RELEASE!!" (stupid Gorram customer) some ppl will have recived txts of me asking " if i were a hardline where would i hide" i asked this becoz the shop phone started ringing at 8:15am and still happened stopped wen i left.

oh and one last thing is hit my head on the bottom of the metal shutter in work and i now have a nice bump of my head
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