feels she should explain

ok i am aware that i haven't been got that long but i do feel i should at lest try and explain to ppl why.

However there are a few things i would have ppl remember / point out to ppl 1st:

* as i write this i am sobbing....this is happening far to much to me atm ( i sit down,myself for 30secs, think about stuff and i start crying....this i feel is not good)

* please for hell's sake remember who's mind this is, this is the same person that on a good day or at 4am is on par with the groups' evil(ist) gm. also normally on my desk i have copy's : # the art of war (Sun Tzu) # the prince (Machiavelli) and # imagining the ten dimensions (Rob Bryanton) therefor sees or tries to see thing from any "side" (boo's mind is very very twisted)

Right with that out of the way i will try to began...oddly i have no idea how to start.......:(
*takes a deep breath*

% The move to warrington has not been my greatest idea, the extra 2hours travel time is killing me slowly.
% this going to sound really bad but i really don't like working with norm's ( in almost very way my "co-workers" are norms') 2of the other girls (who are both bleach blond and so very dissy [wonderful people but dissy]. The other full time guy we have flaps (yes i know i do flap with point i get a bap on the nose or a hit underside the head and told to stop) this his guy stresses, flaps (at times arms in all) which then stresses me out more......

*oh Sora wats the goa'uld word(s) for stupid useless human?*

%my departy who's ego does remind me of an other red haired, tall,lancy male we know. My departy is a nice enough guy but oh dear god is .....how he plays the other to girls.
%it really shouldn't matter but when they stand around talking wen there is stuff to do and i'm the one left to do it ........hate to say it but all 4 of then do it. Just......ahhh! manager does his best but even he stresses me out *curses in goa'uld*

%ok this is going to sound bad/odd but i don't have time to sot down and kill things....Wat a mean is that i don't have time to sit chill out and game. I am the 1st out in the morning and the last on in the evening on working day. Once i'm in after work i have dinner then fall down. followed by up again and go to work (and repeat). I cram washing, project work, gaming and trying to be sociable into 1 possible 2days a week....i miss my gaming time (sharing gaming time with ltl bro not really helping )i shouldn't need to kill things( ok maybe not always killing....small/medium about of killing ) but it is needed.

%since i cramming almost everything into a small about of days means i am not getting any time to myself (which is selfish i know) but my self-view is low at the best of time, atm ....i walk around work as a ghost ....i know i'm not plain (there are times when i believe i'm beautiful) but atm its not true. i struggle to combined 2 of the biggest parts of myself: the female (girly) bit + the weapons swinging(ass kicking,dominant)bit..oddly they don't jell very well

%i feel alone .....on the slight up side my nightmare have lessened....but i do feel alone ..yes i know i'm not alone (groups/guys/ppl are around) but.........

time to stop since my key-broad is now quite wet and doesn't really like it
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Is sleep needed now??

Yes it is a silly question for me to ask......but given the situation sleeping seems a bit pointless....and here is why:

i have only been home 20mins, i left work ( in warrrington )@ 7:30pm this evening and i am due back in work at 7am 2moro. Why i hear u ask..... well it is the world release of the new GTA game 2moro.........

Right i am going to be good/ behave myself and not start on the rant about this game/ situation surrounding it. Coz it is not worthy of the space, print or my breath.......

wat i will say is that " CAN PPL PLEASE NOT TRY TO PRE-ORDER A GAME THE DAY B4 IT IS DUE TO BE RELEASE!!" (stupid Gorram customer) some ppl will have recived txts of me asking " if i were a hardline where would i hide" i asked this becoz the shop phone started ringing at 8:15am and still happened stopped wen i left.

oh and one last thing is hit my head on the bottom of the metal shutter in work and i now have a nice bump of my head
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(no subject)

right i know its been ages! since i last posted on here. so this maybe a bit of a mega post.

HEllo to Everyone*waves* :)

*sigh* dam the stress, dam it all to hades ( * please note as i write this i have the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Sliver Surfer playing in the background * ) Work is doing my head in atm......moving stores, staff being switched between stores....management switching between store..... possible moving to Warrington (spending and day there this Thursday 9-6)

ANyother "interesting" thing i found out...we (as in the reed household)find out if dad is going to do his training this year ( we find out in june and it would start in september)

not really sleeping but 4 me thats relatively normal. but the not being able to chili out and relax is starting to get to me.

but very greatfully to have ppl around *hugs*
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i'm alive....i think


right i know its been ages! since i last posted on here, sadly this is only going to be a quick post:

firstly I am very sorry to peeps that i've not been around that much and that i missed out on the madness of the houseparty the other weekend.....:'(

i have a new job!!! (no more cpw!!!! *does happy dance* now at game) but now tired!

later peeps!
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Pirates 3



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b/day plan

ok short entry to try and explian or work out a plan for sat

currently there is no plan atm other then possible going for a meal on saturday night....possible at a witherspoons in town but not really sure.....

however i'm open to idea on what else we could do..pictures would be good if there was something good on (i would have liked to go see Ergon but thats finsished) and i'm trying to acount for peeps and the money issue...thats why the houseparty idea would have worked but i can't have a large group of people over when grown-ups are here......

so ideas are well
and peeps will be getting a text either 2moro or ealier on sat as to what time and where



CWP (carphone warehouse) Queen's Drive freindly staff who are here to deal with:
  1.  new/current mobile phones
  2. repairs and questions
  3. PC repairs....
  4. trouser repairs......
What the heck!!!?? I'm payed to be  sales person:  1 and 2 not 3 and 4 ahhhhhhh!!!! Some please expian.......................

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random stuff


-You are usually quiet, pretty much only talking to your close friends. You enjoy beauty and peace, but sometimes it just feels good to run somebody through on your blade. In battle, you carefully pick out your targets, then artfully eliminate them. Your favorite weapons are katanas, scimitars, and longswords.


you are the yellow dragon.no one really notices you and you're always alone.but you're kind of used to it even though the thought of having a friend would be nice.


Your element is Ice. Your calm and dont like to cause trouble and your also a very loyal friend. You try to keep up with fire and air but you dont need to, go your own pace and you'll find that life isnt as hard as you first thought
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